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Made by us. Installed by you.

In our over 30 years of experience, Boothsavers' simple process has helped hundreds of restaurants get the seating results they want at the price they can afford.

Save. was created for our online customers interested in saving on labor costs by installing their new booth covers themselves. 



Booth Seat Maintenance

We save you money by sending you booth covers and showing you how to install them yourself instead of paying a local upholstery company for installation.

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We offer services for remodeling your restaurant's entire booth seat package. Details vary depending on customer location. Call to learn more.


Specialty Seating


We provide maintenance services for your other seating needs as well, such as barstools, chairs, and new foam.


Step 1

Review the information you will need to place an order through our online order form.

Step 2

Using our online videos as a guide, measure your seating to ensure a custom fit. 

Step 5

If needed, cut out a sample swatch from your cover to send us for an accurate color match.

Step 6

Mail us your seat's side template and color swatch (see measurement video for instructions).

Step 3

Take pictures of your seating as shown in the order form.

Step 7

We package and mail your completed custom covers.

Step 4

Enter all information in your order form and submit. We will contact you for confirmation and if we have any questions.

Step 8

Use our online guide to learn how to install your new covers yourself.

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Make submitting your online orders faster and easier using our individualized order forms, designed for your restaurant's specific seating needs. Call with questions or to set up an order form today.

...with our individualized order forms


You save on labor costs by installing the custom covers we send by yourself. We proudly offer a complete line of services for all of your seating needs including:


                   Booth seating


                  Bar stools


Most of our customers contact us for booth seat cover replacement, but we are always happy to discuss other needs as well. Looking for foam replacement? Have other seating concerns? Call today! We are happy to help.


View our measuring and installation pages to see our how-to guides, or simply place an order to start.



In addition to routine maintenance, Boothsavers has been providing remodel solutions for restaurants across the Midwest for the past 15 years.

For customers in qualifying locations whose booth packages have excessive wear and foam breakdown, we offer full in-house remodeling services.  We work with you to choose service times that minimize interference with peak business hours, and can completely update your seating within 2-3 days.  Our full remodels address a variety of common seating issues like low grade foam, low quality vinyl, broken springs, and poor cover fit and installation. So whether you are building a new restaurant or simply want to update the look of your existing seating, ask about a remodel today.

What Our Customers Say

Olive Garden

"I have worked with McCoy’s Upholstery Service for about 15 years. As a business operator, I have learned it is very difficult to find service companies that take pride in what they do and are consistently dependable. I have found both in McCoy’s. Robert and Diana take pride in a great finished product and assuring customer satisfaction. Robert even suggested products that matched our color scheme better, while being more reasonably priced and durable. It is without any reservation, I recommend McCoy’s Upholstery Services."

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