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Save. was created for our online customers interested in saving on labor costs by installing their new booth covers themselves. Our simple process is fully explained in the tabs at the top of this page. Explore our site to discover more about how to measure, order, and install your new covers. 

Why Choose Boothsavers?


We help save you money by showing you how to replace your booth covers on your own instead of paying for installation by a local upholstery service.



Our goal is to provide our customers helpful, knowledgeable assistance in updating and maintaining their restaurant. 


Committed to finding you the best, most durable materials possible, we offer a large variety of vinyl options. 

Our covers are made to last. Durable materials and expert craftsmanship combine to extend the life of your seating.

​​Our Services

Booth Seat Maintenance

We'll send you custom made booth covers and teach you to install them yourself.

Specialty Seating Maintenance

We offer replacement covers for other seating needs as well such as barstools and chairs. 

Remodel Needs

For qualifying customers, we offer in-house installation services for entire seating package remodels. 



We’re Bob and Diana McCoy and we have owned and operated McCoy’s Upholstery Services in Lincoln, Nebraska for 32 years. Along with our son, Briar, we assist restaurants throughout the country to maintain the comfort and appearance of their booth seat packages and other seating. Our passion for what we do is evidenced by our commitment to building relationships with our customers and  delivering quick, consistent, and reliable service time and time again.

We started to assist our many customers who are interested in repairing and replacing booth covers themselves and still achieving a great, professional result. On this site, you’ll find information about how to measure, order and install booth seat covers using our videos and easy, step by step process.

When you utilize our online service, you can be sure our company is dedicated to keeping our clients' restaurant booth seats, stools, and chairs well maintained. We understand how important it is that your establishments looks professional. We take great pride in working hard to help you create the best customer experience you can.


What Our Customers Say

Olive Garden

"I have worked with McCoy’s Upholstery Service for about 15 years. As a business operator, I have learned it is very difficult to find service companies that take pride in what they do and are consistently dependable. I have found both in McCoy’s. Robert and Diana take pride in a great finished product and assuring customer satisfaction. Robert even suggested products that matched our color scheme better, while being more reasonably priced and durable. It is without any reservation, I recommend McCoy’s Upholstery Services."


Once you have used our services, we'd love to hear from you! Please let us know how we did. We appreciate knowing what went well along with ideas for improvement. Thank you!

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